The Medical Science Liaison Society

The Medical Science Liaison Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is the ONLY organization exclusively dedicated to the global MSL profession. The society provides resources for those interested in the MSL career through education and networking activities. The organization provides resources for professional growth and development opportunities by creating original research reports, hosting the only career center for MSLs, and providing digital and live MSL Candidate training programs, which have been conducted in multiple countries.

One of the ways to break into the Medical Science Liaison career is to be part of the MSL community. Joining the MSL Society will enable you to interact with, communicate with, and network with MSLs and be part of their professional community without actually being an MSL yet. The society will also provide numerous very valuable resources to understanding the MSL role and how to speak the language of the role during interviews. It will provide a way, during your job search, to be on the inside, rather than being on the outside looking in and be able to position yourself as an expert even when you don’t have MSL experience. This is the essential way to address the lack of MSL experience obstacle!