MSL Job Application Tracking & Interview Self Evaluation Journal

Transform Your Job
Applications to Job Offers!

This new self-evaluation journal helps MSLs and aspiring MSLs document
and assess their job applications through the following exclusive unique features:
A dedicated framework to track and reflect on your job application and interview experiences, promoting a growth mindset.
Four specialized tools covering 28 essential topics to critically assess and improve your interview and presentation skills.
Simplifies the complexities of the MSL job search, aiding in organizing, self-assessing, and refining your approach for success.
Tracking the details and organizing the information of multiple Medical Science Liaison (MSL) job applications and interviews can be overwhelming. This journal is designed to simplify the process and is a customized system for thoroughly documenting and tracking essential details throughout the application and interview process.

This journal includes 3 unique, comprehensive self-evaluation tools, addressing 20 critical topics for achieving success during MSL interviews, as well as a specialized self-evaluation tool that assesses 8 fundamental areas crucial to the effectiveness of MSL presentations. All of these self-evaluation tools were developed exclusively for this journal and specifically designed for the nuances of MSL interviews by incorporating the expertise of multiple experienced MSL managers. These tools offer a structured framework to assess your performance, enabling you to identify your strengths and highlight areas for improvement throughout the MSL interview process. As a result, utilizing these tools will make your preparation more efficient and effective.

By integrating these tools into your preparation strategy, you’ll gain valuable insights into your interview and presentation skills, empowering you to refine your approach and enhance your performance.

Created specifically for MSL professionals, this guide is more than just a journal—it’s an effective tool for self-improvement and success!

About the Author

Dr. Samuel Jacob Dyer shares his years of experience as a hiring manager at some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and as the CEO of the MSL Society. In three sections, he thoroughly explains the MSL role, provides the elements of a successful MSL job search strategy, and demystifies the entire MSL hiring process. Dr. Dyer has coached, interviewed, and reviewed the CVs of countless aspiring MSLs. His insights and guidance have resulted in hundreds of aspiring MSLs successfully breaking into their first roles. Learn more…

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