Hiring MSL Managers Reveal How to Break Into the MSL Role!

Discover the secrets in the new edition of this bestseller, including:

Crafting the perfect CV

Researching Pharma companies

Overcoming lack of MSL experience

Successfully preparing for an interview

Negotiating your first salary

How to Successfully Land Your First MSL Role

Even for highly qualified candidates, becoming a Medical Science Liason is a challenging endeavor. It’s nearly impossible to achieve on your own without the proper preparation and guidance.

The Medical Science Liasion Career Guide: How to Break into Your First Role will show you, step by step, how to search for, apply, and interview for your first MSL role. The book reveals strategies for standing for standing apart from the competition, what hiring managers look for when considering candidates, and what gets the fight candidates hired.

What the MSL role is and
its purpose

How to research the role, companies and hiring managers

The differences between a phone screen, a phone interview, as in-person interview and how to prepare for each of them

How hundreds of MSLs broke into their first role

How to effectively network with MSLs and hiring managers

What specific questions you will be asked during the various interview stages

What activities MSL's actually do

The proper format and what to include in your CV

The average salary offered to new MSLs

What Other Aspiring MSLs Are Saying About the Book

Daniel Hassan
Daniel Hassan
The MOST CURRENT GUIDE for any aspiring MSLs As an aspiring MSLs candidate. For several months, I have been searching for knowledge and ways to break into the MSLs role. I did my research and finally reach out to Medical Science Liaison Society. I am grateful that Karolina Sandalova suggested this book. This book is the MOST current and PRECIOUS guide for any aspiring MSLs. Well written, structured, and constructed with insights directly from MSLs hiring manager. I look forward to the next year (2024) Annual MSL Society conference.
An Important First Step for Aspiring MSLs This book changed the trajectory of my life. I spent my career as a clinical pharmacist wondering, "is there more to life than this?" This book helped me see that there was and I have never been happier.This book gives basic information about how to break in. All the hard work of accomplishing that is up to you!
Leona Hamrick
Leona Hamrick
Step-by-step guide through interview process I have been an advanced practice provider for 22 years. Shortly after completing my doctoral degree in 2011, I decided to transition into medical affairs. I quickly realized how competitive the industry was - particularly for someone trying to break into the role with a doctor of health science degree - vs. Ph.D./PharmD. (the more historic degrees associated with MSL positions). However, I read Dr. Dyer's book and feverishly began my job search. The first company that gave me a phone interview flew me up for a day of interviews and a PPT presentation. Funny enough, EVERYTHING required in the process mimicked this book word for word. So much as that after I got the job I ask my employer (a diagnostic lab - not pharma) if they had read the book. I am ever so grateful to have found this book. Between this book and the strong networking I have done within the society, I believe I am prepared for anything industry might throwDr. Hamrick - Sr. Dir. Medical Affairs and Clinical Strategy
Andrea Arlia ciommo
Andrea Arlia ciommo
I recommend it I am from Argentina. I have read the book before my first MSL Job and I found it very Useful. In fact, I started working as MSL three months later. I consult it sometimes even now, and it still gives valuable information.
Straight to the point and useful I bought this book since I am applying to MSL positions and I wanted to have more information about how to get ready to apply for the role. I found that the book is well-structured and provide the information you need straight to the point. I even used it to get ready for my first MSL position phone screening. I do not have any job offer yet but I think I am much more ready for the application and interview process by reading this book.
Lia Aldridge
Lia Aldridge
Lots of information and guidance... The book has a great logical flow and explains all aspects of becoming an MSL...from the role itself, to job search strategies, to the hiring process. Great read that will definitely be referenced over and over as you search for your 1st role!!!
Informative, Easy-to-Read, Brief I think a lot of reviewers have already covered what I would put in my review. This is a good book for those of who are aspiring MSLs. It is an easy read and the information conveyed is concise. The onus is on the reader to apply what they learn from the book to their job-hunting strategy. I found it particularly useful because much of the information I need as I embark on this journey of transitioning from academia to MSL industry is not available online. You can scour the internet for hours and not fund much help. Dr. Dyer's book was exceptionally useful for me in this regards. I'd certainly recommend it to others who are in the same position as myself.
Cynthia A
Cynthia A
A must read for new aspiring MSLs This book is a great introductory piece to the MSL role. It helps to understand the role better and consequently adequately prepare for the interview. Great for beginners!
MSL preparation Dr. Dyer’s books has helped me on the following top 3 areas:• Expanded my capability to establish online presence• Many tips will help me prepare for Midyear and fellowship applications• Reassured with extensive resources to help me succeedI genuinely appreciate him for helping me develop professionally!
Christian Urrea
Christian Urrea
One of the best career guides around This is one of the most useful career guides I have ever come across. The step-by-step layout is easy to follow and intuitive. Everything you need to know about breaking into your first MSL role is contained in this book.Dr. Dyer will educate you on the function of the MSL role, how to create a CV and cover letter, as well as extensive interview preparation and presentation tips. His extensive experience as an MSL, MSL leader, and the CEO of the Medical Science Liaison Society make him the go-to person in this field.I've had the opportunity to meet him in person, and he is a very reputable and helpful guide.

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About the Author

Dr. Samuel Jacob Dyer shares his years of experience as a hiring manager at some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and as the CEO of the MSL Society. In three sections, he thoroughly explains the MSL role, provides the elements of a successful MSL job search strategy, and demystifies the entire MSL hiring process. Dr. Dyer has coached, interviewed, and reviewed the CVs of countless aspiring MSLs. His insights and guidance have resulted in hundreds of aspiring MSLs successfully breaking into their first roles. Learn more…

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Looking for other resources to help you land your first MSL job?

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